TW Private Label Leather Grips

Price: 8,00 €
Our private label, drum-died leather replacement grip for that classic feel. Easy to install, with double-sided tape on back. Fits all racquets.
  • Highest quality leather for the ultimate in control and feel
  • Durable and long lasting performance
  • Two different variations available.
  • All grips are 1300mm in length to fit all racquet handles.
  • All grips are unbranded for a clean, natural look.
  • Weights:
    22mm x 1300mm x 1.3mm - 26 grams
    22mm x 1300mm x 1.5mm - 28 grams
    25mm x 1300mm x 1.3mm - 30 grams
    25mm x 1300mm x 1.5mm - 32 grams

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