Head Velocity MLT 17/1.25 String 200m Reel

Price: 79,90 €
Head Velocity MLT 17/1.25 String 200m Reel Natural
In Stock: 25.01
  • Color: Natural
Value hunters looking for an extremely comfortable multifilament with controllable power and above average spin potential have come to the right place. Constructed with 1,000 ultra flexible filaments, Velocity MLT offers an arm- friendly feel with low vibration and minimal shock on off-center hits. Head adds a special low-friction coating to boost string “snapback” and increase spin-potential. This is a great option for non string breakers who want comfort, power and a little extra spin without breaking the bank. Try this 1.25mm version for slightly more spin and feel than the 1.30mm version.
  • Gauge: 1.25mm
  • Length: 200m
  • Composition Multifilament: 1,000 filaments and an outerwrap of 30 filaments bonded with a flexible PU resin, with a low-friction additive in the coating.
  • Colours: Natural, Black

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