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Volkl Organix Rackets

New Volkl Organix 2 Super G Racket
Volkl adds even more comfort and power to one of their most lively and arm friendly rackets. The Super G 2 is great for beginners and intermediates who want an extended length racket that hits a very penetrating ball. Headsize: Length: 70.1cm.

Price for 2: 189,90 each
Sale Volkl Organix 10 (325g) Racket
With a new open string pattern to the 10 325g, Volkl offers up a sublime blend of control, spin, comfort, stability, touch and maneuverability. Headsize: 98sq. in. String Pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 12.1oz.

Price for 2: 89,90 each
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Sale Volkl Organix 10 (295g) Racket
Fast, mobile and spin-friendly, this racquet also impresses with surprising stability and a high level of comfort. A great option for 4.0 level players and up. Headsize: 98sq, in. Strung Weight: 11oz. String Pattern: 16x19.

Price for 2: 89,90 each
Volkl Organix 10 Mid Rackets
Loaded with feel, the Organix 10 Mid has a precise and lively response. A great option for strong intermediates or advanced players looking for a user-friendly midsize racquet with a classic feel. Head size: 93 square inches. Strung weight: 334.52g. Swingweight: 318 (RDC). Flex: 59 (RA).

Price for 2: 139,90 each
New Volkl Organix 9 Super G Rackets
Volkl makes big changes to the Organix 9. Armed with a denser string pattern along with a more comfortable grommet & grip system, this one is ripe for 4.5+ players looking for a maneuverable player's racquet that offers plenty of feedback and amazing control. String Bed: 18x20. Strung Weight: 326g. Swingweight: 317.
Volkl Organix 9 Racket
Solid, fast, and comfortable, this one has great control on every shot. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players who want a high performance racquet right out of the box. Head Size: 632 sq. cm. Strung weight: 323g.

Price for 2: 129,90 each
New Volkl Organix 8 Super G (315g) Rackets
This comfortably crisp spin machine has a lot of pop. Volkl updates the grommets and handle to add a softer, more lively response. String Pattern: 16x18. Strung Weight: 326g. Standard Length.
New Volkl Organix 8 Super G (300g) Rackets
A very versatile racquet that works just as well for the aggressive topspin player as it does for the consistent grinder. A great option for 4.0+ players looking for a great combination of precision, spin, and pop. Headsize: 100 Strung Weight: 311.8g. Standard Length
Volkl Organix 7 (310g) Rackets
A maneuverable yet solid offering for intermediate through advanced players looking to add power, spin and comfort to their game. Length: 27.3 inches. Strung weight: 326.02g. Pattern: 16x19.

Price for 2: 139,90 each
Volkl Organix 7 (295g) Rackets
Offering controllable power and loads of spin potential, this one is perfect for intermediates and advanced players looking for a speedy racquet that performs equally well from the baseline and net. Headsize: 104 square inches. Standard length. Strung weight: 309.01g.
New Volkl Organix 6 Super G Rackets
A very comfortable racquet with plenty of spin potential and enough pop to keep the ball deep. Great for a wide range of ability levels, 3.5 and up. String Pattern: 16x18. Strung Weight: 286.3g. Standard Length.
Sale Volkl Organix 5 Racket
Light and spin friendly, this one moves very easily through the contact zone. Intermediates looking for controllable power in a maneuverable package will love this frame. Head size: 645 sq. cm. Pattern: 16x18. Strung weight: 275g.

Price for 2: 49,00 each
New Volkl Organix 4 Super G Rackets
Boasting exceptional maneuverability and comfort, this extended length racquet provides surprisingly good control and very easy access to spin. Extended Length: 27.6 inches. String Pattern: 16x19. Strung Weight: 286.3g.

Price for 2: 170,90 each
Volkl Organix 4 Racket
This intermediate players racquet offers a fantastic blend of power, control, comfort and spin. Utilizing the Organix technology, this racquet promises to be even more powerful than its predecessor. Length: 27.6 inches. Head size: 105 sq in.

Price for 2: 109,00 each
Volkl Organix 3 Rackets
An extended length racquet with a comfortable and lively response. The open pattern and oversize head are perfect for creating spin and power. Very maneuverable. Length: 27.8 in. Headsize: 110 Strung weight: 292g.

Price for 2: 133,99 each
Volkl Organix 2 Rackets
This extended length racquet is packed with power and comfort. Ideal for the beginner to intermediate player in search of a solid feel and easy depth. The open pattern and wide face make spin a cinch. Length: 27.6. Headsize: 115 Pattern: 16x19.

Price for 2: 159,00 each
Volkl Organix 1 Rackets
Players who want to get more power from their compact strokes have come to right place! This extended length racquet is loaded with pop and comfort. Length: 27.8 inches. Headsize: 115 square inches. Strung weight: 280.66g.

Price for 2: 229,90 each
Best Seller Volkl Organix V1 Mid Plus Racket
Powerful, maneuverable, comfortable and offering impressive control, this 'tweener racquet fits a variety of playing styles from stronger beginners through advanced level players. Headsize: 658sq. cm. Standard length. Strung weight: 298 grams. Balance: 2pts HL.

Price for 2: 139,90 each
Best Seller Volkl Organix V1 Pro Rackets
Offering all the playability and comfort of the V1 Classic, but with even more control, the V1 Pro is a great option for players who want exceptional precision on their biggest swings. Also delivers impressive comfort and spin. Headsize: 99.5 String Pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 11.3 ounces.

Price for 2: 159,90 each
Best Seller Volkl Organix V1 Oversize Racket
Lots of power and comfort make this a great option for beginners through intermediates. The large sweetspot, mobile feel and added length make it both singles and doubles friendly. Headsize: Length: 70.1cm. Balance: 3pts HL. Strung weight: 295 grams.

Price for 2: 159,90 each
Volkl Power Bridge Rackets

Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid (2013) Rackets
Updated with a black cosmetic, this impressive player's frame is loaded with feel and control. The open string pattern offers excellent access to spin and ample pace that results in a heavy ball. Headsize: 93sq. in. Standard length. Beam width: 19mm.

Price for 2: 139,90 each
Volkl Pro and Classic Rackets

Volkl Classic V1 Rackets
This classic comes with an updated cosmetic while retaining all the features that have made it a perennial favorite: outstanding feel, maneuverability and comfort. Headsize: 102 sq in. Strung weight: 306.17 grams.

Price for 2: 119,90 each
Best Seller Volkl C10 Pro Racket
A bright yellow cosmetic complements the control, feel, and comfort of this popular player's racquet. A favorite among tournament and pro level players who like a flexible feel. 12 ounces, 98 square-inch head.

Price for 2: 144,91 each
Volkl Team Speed Orange Rackets
Boasting a sleek orange and black cosmetic, this one is light and comfortable. Offering easy access to spin and power, the Team Speed Orange is a great option for stronger beginners through intermediate level players. Headsize: Standard length. Strung Weight: 283.5g.
Volkl Team Speed Green Rackets
Light, mobile and with a healthy sweetspot, this is a great option for stronger beginners through intermediate level players. Headsize: Standard length. Strung Weight: 283.5g.

Price for 2: 93,90 each
Volkl Team Blast Racket
Loads of power and comfort are found with this Volkl offering. Best suited to beginners and intermediate players looking for a racquet that maximizes output with little effort.

Price for 2: 118,90 each
Volkl Junior Rackets

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