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Tecnifibre TFight Rackets

Sale Tecnifibre TFight 325 ATP Racket
This racket offers a great mix of precision, spin, control and feel. A player's racket with impressive maneuverability and maximum directional control. Headsize: 615². Weight: 325g. String pattern: 18x19.
Sale Tecnifibre TFight 320 ATP Racket
Offering great access to pace and spin without any loss of precision, this is a great option for the intermediate through advanced level player. Headsize: 613cm². Weight: 320g.
Sale Tecnifibre TFight 315 ATP 18X20 Ltd Racket
This maneuverable racket offers an impressive combination of control, spin and feel. Great for the intermediate or advanced player looking for a lighter player's racket. String Pattern: 18x20. Swingweight: 309 (RDC). Headsize: 630cm².
Sale Tecnifibre TFight 305 ATP Racket
The 305 ATP offers the control usually reserved for heavier player's rackets in a weight and balance that makes it attractive for all. Weight: 305g. Standard length. Headsize: 613cm².
Sale Tecnifibre TFight 295 ATP Racket
This spin friendly racket has a nice blend of maneuverability and stability. Updated with "Tour Prepared Technology" for even more speed and power. Headsize: 615cm². Standard length. String pattern: 16x19.
Sale Tecnifibre TFight 295 ATP MP Racket
This versatile stick swings fast and is well suited for aggressive singles and doubles players looking for a comfortable, forgiving and high-performing frame. Headsize: 645cm². Standard length. String pattern: 16x20.
Sale Tecnifibre TFight 280 ATP Racket
Offering controllable power and spin, the TFight 280 will also provide a great combination of head stability and speed. Easy to stay aggressive, this racket is perfect for intermediates or up-and-coming juniors looking for a comfortable, spin-friendly control racket.
Sale Tecnifibre TFight 255 ATP Racket
Easy to swing, it one offers controllable power and great spin. Perfect for intermediates or this racket is perfect for the up- and-coming junior, who want exceptional performance without too much weight. Headsize: 645cm². String Pattern: 16x19. Weight: 255g.
Tecnifibre TFlash Rackets

New Tecnifibre TFlash 315 ATP Racket
This fast, powerful and comfortable racket gets a new cosmetic. It offers lots of performance for a variety of players and impresses with its dampened and forgiving feel. Standard length. Headsize: 645cm².

Price for 2: 159,90 each
New Tecnifibre TFlash 300 ATP Racket
This fast feeling racket is a great option for players who like to maximize pace and spin from all areas of the court. With a new cosmetic, it also now features a silicone-injected handle for comfort. Headsize: 645cm². Standard length.

Price for 2: 139,90 each
New Tecnifibre TFlash 285 ATP Racket
This light, power-friendly frame will have you confident out on court! Maximize pace and spin from all areas of the court and enjoy a stable response. Headsize: 645cm². Standard length.

Price for 2: 111,96 each
New Tecnifibre TFlash 265 ATP Racket
Light, fast and responsive, the TFlash 265 ATP is great for the younger player who wants impressive performance in a maneuverable package. Headsize: 645cm². String Pattern: 16x19
Tecnifibre Rebound Rackets

New Tecnifibre T-Rebound 255 Lite Racket 2015
Comfort and power! A great option for beginners and intermediates looking for a light racket that is very easy to use. Headsize: 660cm². Standard Length. String Pattern: 16x19

Price for 2: 79,90 each
New Tecnifibre T-Rebound 275 Pro Lite Racket 2015
Ideal for intermediates, this light racket offers a nice balance of power and control, with very easy access to spin. Headsize: 645cm² Standard Length. String Pattern: 16x19

Price for 2: 96,90 each
New Tecnifibre T-Rebound 265 Feel Racket 2015
Light and comfortable, this is the perfect option for beginners, juniors and recreational players who want a very user-friendly racket. Headsize: 680cm². String Pattern: 16x19.

Price for 2: 139,90 each
New Tecnifibre T-Rebound 295 Pro Racket 2015
Intermediate and advanced players will be able to hit a powerful, spin-loaded ball with this racket. It is comfortable with decent stability for the weight. Headsize: 645cm². String Pattern: 16x20

Price for 2: 139,90 each
Tecnifibre Rebound 295 Pro Rackets
A powerful offering from Tecnifibre with decent stability for the weight. Great for intermediates looking to turn up the heat. Headsize: 645cm². Weight: 295g. Standard length.

Price for 2: 127,95 each
Tecnifibre Rebound 275 Pro Lite Rackets
A very maneuverable racket loaded with comfort, spin and power. This one glides smoothly through the air and offers beginners and intermediates very easy stroke production. Headsize: 645cm². String Pattern: 16x19. Standard Length.

Price for 2: 99,90 each

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