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  • Good support and stability
  • Improved traction
  • Light and fast feel


  • Less breathable than previous version
  • Fits narrower than previous version


The third installment of one of the most popular performance shoes on the market is here, and no surprise, our team really liked it! Fans of previous versions of the Asics Gel Solution Speed will enjoy a very similar feel underfoot with the midsole and outsole designs being virtually unchanged. The lightweight, fast, low-to-the-ground ride that people love is still there and feels very familiar when you slip this update on. The biggest change is the re-designed upper with a full TPU wrap all the way around the foot. Our testers found there to be even more of a locked-in, supportive and stable fit than the version is replaces. However, they also noticed a slightly more narrow fit and maybe a tad less breathability. All in all, though, we are confident that fans of previous versions will continue to love the Gel Solution Speed line. For any of you who haven't tried it, we suggest you get out from under whatever rock you've been living under and get your feet in the these Gel Solution Speed 3s (assuming you have feet that aren't too wide).

Asics Solution Speed 3 — Scores:
Overall Comfort 4,5/5
Ventilation 3,5/5
Arch Support 4,5/5
Foot Support/Stability 4,6/5
Overall Sole Durability 3,8/5
Toe Durability 4,7/5
Traction 4,6/5
Weight 4,9/5
Overall 4,5/5

Comfort – Score 4,5/5

All our testers liked the comfort and plush cushioning of the Gel Solution Speed 3s, although everyone noticed a slightly narrower fit than the previous version. The full TPU wrap around the upper helped to lock in the foot of our narrow-footed playtester - an improvement in his eyes over previous versions. They remain one of the most comfortable premium performance tennis shoes on the market, according to our testers, offering plush cushioning all around the foot. Arch support was comfortable for almost every foot type, and only one tester found the shoe to run a bit warm in tough conditions.

Foot Support/Stability – Score 4,6/5

Our team found exceptional support and stability from the Gel Solution Speed 3s, with the new upper design locking in their feet better than ever before. The full TPU wrap protected our testers when they made aggressive starts and stops as they darted all over the court, while the chassis of the shoe flexed naturally and comfortably with ever step. Everyone well protected and supported in all directions. This came as no surprise to our playtest team, though, as we've come to expect this level of performance from the Gel Solution Speed line.

Durability – Score 4,7/5

We were very pleased with the durability of the Gel Solution Speed 3s given that they are lightweight and speed-oriented, which typically indicates they won't hold up quite as well as some heavier options. One particular tester who's especially hard on his shoes was very impressed with how his pair wore throughout the test, noting that they were one of the more impressive ‘speed-oriented' offerings when it came to durability. While they may not last quite as long as some other heavier shoes on the market, they certainly stack up well in the durability department with other shoes in the same weight class.

Traction – Score 4,6/5

Everyone noted an improvement in this area for the Gel Solution Speed 3s over previous models. The first two iterations of the Gel Solution Speed had a somewhat slippery outsole, but this update had a bit more grip that instilled more confidence in our playtest team. One tester who's known for his aggressive sliding on the hard courts still found the outsole to be slick enough to allow him to slide freely, yet the shoe offered enough grip and a consistent response for him to feel confident as he changed directions and darted back to the middle of the court.

Weight – Score 4,9/5

As with previous versions, the light and fast feel of the Gel Solution Speed 3s proved to be one of these shoes' strengths. They continue to be one of the fastest-feeling performance shoes on the market, with a low to the ground court feel and a natural flex with the foot every time it strikes the ground. While it may not be the lightest shoe on the market, in terms of performance they are tough to beat in this category. Top marks from our playtest team!

Overall - Score: 4,5/5


Chris - "I liked the fit, feel, comfort, cushioning, traction, durability and cosmetics. "

Jason - "Everything except the fit in the forefoot. They're the ultimate game day/match day shoes. Lightweight, stable, supportive, with improved traction. "

Andy - "Everything I've liked about previous Gel Solution Speeds -- exceptional comfort, support, stability and an ultra-fast performance feel. "


Chris - "They ran a tad hot. However, if I took them off immediately after play it was a non-issue. "

Jason - "Fits slightly narrower in the forefoot than previous versions. "

Andy - "Slightly narrower and less breathable than the previous version. "


Chris - "These were the most supportive, durable and best gripping version of the Gel Solution Speeds yet. I'm still more of a fan of the more stable Gel Resolutions, but these shoes definitely won me over during the test and have become a go to choice. "

Jason - "These feel like a Gel Solution Speed 2 but with improved traction. I'd put it in the same family as the adidas adizero Ubersonic shoes. "

Andy - "Fans of the Gel Solution Speed line have no need to fear. If you liked previous versions and your feet aren't TOO wide, you're going to enjoy this update. The midsole and outsole are very similar to the previous version, so the ride underneath your feet and durability is virtually identical. What does feel different is the upper, which to me felt more supportive and stable but narrower and less breathable. Other than that, they're another extremely nice Gel Solution Speeds and continue to be (in my opinion) the premier lightweight performance shoes on the market. "


Playtester Foot Types:

Chris - Narrow width / Medium arch

Jason - Wide width / Low arch

Andy - Medium width / Low arch

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