Yonex EZONE DR FEEL (255g) Racket

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With the EZONE DR Feel (255g) Yonex serves up a very maneuverable and comfortable racket to beginners and intermediate level players. Like its predecessor (the EZONE Ai Feel), this racket only weighs 255 grams, making it ideal for the player who needs a light racket that moves fast and delivers accurate results. Thanks to the head heavy balance this racket has an impressive level of stability for a light racquet. The extra stability not only improves control but also helps protect the arm. The 658cm² head size feels lively and forgiving while still managing to offer the precision found in EZONE DR 100 and 98. Yonex updates this model with Nanometric DR, a pliable and resilient carbon which helps the racquet return greater power to the ball. As with the other members of the EZONE DR family, this racket has Quake Shut Gel in the handle to minimize harsh vibrations. It also features the iconic Isometric head shape, known for giving Yonex rackets their large sweetspots and distinctively comfortable feel. From the baseline this racket plays fast and precise, with plenty on power on full swings. The open 16x19 string pattern supplies the needed bite for hitting effective spin. At net the EZONE DR Feel moves into position with ease, and the head heavy balance provides a wonderfully stable feel when blocking the ball back. With its combination of speed, controllable power and spin, the EZONE DR FEEL should work very well for a wide range of players. It's also quite comfortable, which is a nice bonus.

Caratteristiche Tecniche

Head Size: 102in²/658cm²
Length: 27in / 68,5cm
Weight: 9.59oz / 272g
Unstrung Weight: 9oz / 255g
Balance: 35cm / 5 pts HH
Unstrung Balance: 35cm / 2 pts HH
Beam Width:
Composition: H.M.Graphite/Nanometric DR/Quake Shut Gel
Racquet Colours:Black/Orange. Black/Lime
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 8T,8H
Tension: 45-60 lbs / 20-26kg
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