Yonex VCORE Duel G 97 Alpha (270g) Racket

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Price for 2: 141,90 € each

Introducing the the Duel G 97 Alpha (270g) , the lightest and fastest member of the Duel G family. This racket swings easy and feels remarkably solid for its weight class. As such it is perfect for a wide range of ability levels, from strong juniors to adult beginners and intermediate ball strikers. With its compact 626cm² head, this racket offers outstanding control - a fact that enables the player to take bigger swings at the ball without having to worry about overhitting. This stick also comes with a distinctiveIsometric head shape, which deploys longer cross strings to create a wonderfully large sweetspot (see comfort). Like other members of the Duel G family, the 97 Alpha comes withs with Tough G Fiber. This flexible material is added to the shaft to help the racket snap the ball out of the string bed with extra pop. Other notable features include a stiff High Modulus Graphite layup (for added power) along with strategic reinforcements to the upper hoop called Black Micro Core - a carbon graphite material blended with elastic particles to increase both stability and vibration dampening. On groundstrokes this racket's undeniable control inspires confidence across all stroke speeds, from soft touch shots to blistering. Like all our favorite Yonex rackets, the 97 Alpha has impressive stability for its weight, making it very arm-friendly. The maneuverability also shines on volleys and service returns where this stick comes around very fast to deliver easy targeting. With the 97 Alpha (270g) Yonex has definitely succeeded in bringing the controllable power and feel of the Duel G series to beginners and early intermediates.


Head Size: 97in²/626cm²
Length: 27in / 68,5cm
Weight: 10oz / 286g
Unstrung Weight:9.5oz / 270g
Balance: 33.5cm / 3HL
Unstrung Balance: 32.5cm / 6HL
Beam Width:22mm / 22mm / 22mm
Composition: H.M. Graphite w/Tough G Fiber & Black Micro Core
Racket Colours: Black/Orange
Grip Type:Yonex Synthetic
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 20 Crosses
Mains skip:NONE
Shared Holes :8T,7H,8H
String Tension: 50-65lbs/ 23-29kg

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