Babolat Pure Strike 100 Racket

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Price for 2: 167,90 € each

Babolat updates the Pure Strike 100, a racket that packs an impressive combination of spin, control and feel into a very maneuverable package. Perfectly weighted for intermediates, this version of the Strike 100 retains the Hybrid Frame Construction (consisting of square and elliptical beam shapes) while also thickening key locations of the beam to enhance power, stability and precision. This model also comes with FSI Power Technology which features wider spacing between the upper cross strings for easier access to spin and pace. On groundstrokes the Strike 100 swings easier and faster than the Pure Strike 16x19 but still manages to offer an impressive level of control and feel. Thanks to a slight weight increase over the previous generation, this stick has an easier time redirecting pace or driving the ball through the court. There's also plenty of spin to be had thanks to the grippy open string pattern and easy acceleration. On volleys the maneuverable weight and headlight balance should definitely help boost your reaction time. Advanced players looking to beef up the stability and plow through should have no problem customizing this stick to taste. All in all this version of the Pure Strike looks like a great option for the player who wants to combine the speed, spin and precision of a modern players racket with some good old fashion control and feel.


Tamis : 645 cm²
Longueur : 68,5 cm
Poids : 314 g
Poids non cordée : 300 g
Équilibre : 33 cm / 4 pts HL
Équilibre non cordée : 32 cm / 7 pts HL
Swingweight :314
Rigidité :100
Épaisseur du profil : 21,3 mm / 23,3 mm / 21,3 mm
Composition :Graphite
Coloris :Blanc et orange
Type de grip :Babolat Skin Feel
Plan de cordage :
16 Montants / 19 Travers
Sauts de montants : 7T,9T,7H,9H
Tension du cordage : 23-27 kg
  • Babolat Pure Strike 12 Pack Bag White

    2 rackets plus Babolat Pure Strike 12 Pack Bag White is 405,70 €.
    Savings: 62,00 €

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