Prince Textreme Premier 120 Racket

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2+ = 199,90 € each

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Price for 2: 199,90 € each

Introducing the largest, lightest and most powerful racket in the Prince collection. With the Textreme Premier 120, Prince has delivered a great option to beginners (or any player who wants easy depth on compact strokes). Fans of the O3 Silver will be right at home with this very comfy and lively stick. Thanks to its extended length, the Premier 120 not only gives the player extra reach, but it swings more powerfully than a standard length racket. The luxurious 120 square inch head provides a huge margin of error, ensuring that power and comfort are not lost when ball contact is less than perfect. Comfort is unmistakably enhanced by this racket's O3 Technology (a grommetless construction that virtually eliminates harsh vibrations). From the baseline the Premier 120 offers maximum comfort and huge power. Players with shorter strokes will be rewarded with penetrating depth. The large head and open 16x19 string pattern should give topspin players and slicer-dicers all the spin they need. At net this racket's large hitting area and impressive stability translate into very easy volleying. On serves the extended length makes for easy net clearance and extra pop. Players who want extra action on their slice serves should love this one. The Premier 120 is simply a great option for any player that wants to add comfort and power to their game.


Head Size: 120in²/774cm²
Length: 27.75in / 70,5cm
Weight: 9.8oz / 278g
Unstrung Weight:9oz/255g
Balance: 36,53.16cm / 4 pts HH
Unstrung Balance:35,5cm/1 pts HH
Swingweight:  331
Stiffness: 71
Beam Width:27.5mm / 30mm / 27.5mm
Composition: Graphite/Textreme
Racket Colours:Black/Silver
Grip Type:Prince ResiSoft
String Pattern:
 16 Mains / 18 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T,9T,8H
String Tension: 55-65 pounds / 25-29kg

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