Babolat POP Tennis Sensor French Open

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This Babolat Pop comes with an extra wristband that features a special design for this years’ French Open tournament.

Please note: For the best user experience, please update the firmware if you are directed to do so when you launch the app (for both iOS and Android).

The first tennis-specific wearable device, Babolat POP now makes connected tennis available for everyone! Simply put the wristband on your dominant wrist, slide in the sensor and start tracking your game. The unique PIQ scoring system combines your swing speed, spin and style (the "fluidity" of your stroke) into one number that you can use to track your own game or compete with friends. The Challenge feature is a fun way to compete with your friends all over the world while the Activity tracker ranks you globally and keeps you motivated to spend time on court. Lastly, it's compatible with any racket, so every player can use it!



  • Package includes: POP sensor, normal wristband, French Open wristband, charger and USB cable
  • Compatible with any racket
  • Download the free app, available for Android (version 4.3+) and iOS (7.0+)
  • Real-time data includes shot type, swing speed, spin and style, all combined into a PIQ score
  • Activity feature tracks court time, number of shots and records your sessions
  • Challenge feature provides a fun way to compete with your friends all over the world
  • Get ranked in the global community of POP users
  • Weight: 0.7 oz / 18 grams (w/ wristband)

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