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Worn by Fernando Verdasco, the adidas adizero Feather II is a shoe that you won't want to take off your feet. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable. With a focus on multidirectional speed, the Feather II has a high performance feel that lets you move aggressively all over the court. Like previous models of this shoe, the adiZero Feather II aims to please with speed. Comfort is high in this shoe, so with no break-in period and a widened, more universal fit you can hit the courts running. Forefoot Sprint Web construction increases stability during extreme cut movements. The upper is made of the durable and lightweight Sprintskin, a non-stretch microfiber synthetic, which works to increase stability and comfort. The tongue of the shoe has been redesigned, and is made of thin synthetic leather to improve fit and comfort, as well as the midsole having an adiPRENE insert for added comfort. The Extended Torsion system wraps all the way around the heel so fast cuts on the court won't be a problem. For aggressive competitors, the adiWEAR outsole will stand up to use on all court surfaces. Step into a pair of the adiZero Feather II and don't sacrifice comfort, speed or high-performance. MiCoach compatible.

  • Fit: Length fit is true to size. Width is a generous medium. Arch support is medium. No break-in required.
  • Upper: Made of durable and lightweight non-stretch microfiber synthetic Sprintskin, which increases stability and comfort. The tongue has been redesigned, and is made of thin synthetic leather to improve fit and comfort. Internal cage provides a secure fit without adding weight.
  • Lining: Synthetic suede lining for enhanced fit and comfort.
  • Midsole: Extended Torsion for midfoot and forefoot integrity and stability. adiPRENE in the heel for cushion and comfort. adiPRENE+ in the forefoot for resilent cushioning and forefoot propulsion.
  • Outsole: adiWEAR non-marking rubber outsole in a modified herringbone tread pattern provides traction on all court surfaces. Also on high-wear areas for added durability and protection against court abrasions.
  • Weight: 372 grams (size US 10.5)
  • Color: Blue / Lime

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This revolutionary system developed by AdidasMicoach is a coaching system that will show you average speed, maximum speed, distance and number of sprints. You can select a training program and get coached while running. Leave it to miCoach to collect your statistics, whether it's during training or a competition, and define your potential and improve it thanks to programs specially designed to increase your speed, your endurance and your strength. These results will be visible online on your Iphone or Ipod.
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You can finally track your movement on the tennis court with the adidas miCoach Speed_Cell. Simply attach the lightweight Speed Cell to your shoe and hit the courts. That's it! Turn your computer into a data-crunching performance analyzer. Easily plugs into your PC or Mac and it captures all measurements of your performance so you can see where you're at and break past those old PBs. Whether you're playing in a match or just practicing, miCoach will collect your statistics. Share and compare your results with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

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Pros Wearing this Shoe

Alexandr Dolgopolov

Jurgen Melzer

Juan Monaco

Fernando Verdasco

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