Yonex Poly Tour Spin G 1.25 16L String Red

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Attention topspin players! Yonex Poly Tour Spin G is uniquely qualified to grab and rotate a tennis ball. With it's pentagonal shape, it comes with 5 sharp edges for ripping into the felt. To help increase ball rotation, this advanced co-poly comes with a special silicone oil infusion to enable the strings to slide out of position and snap back with vicious force. In addition to its impressive spin potential, Poly Tour Spin G is firm and low- powered, giving advanced players the freedom to take massive cuts at the ball. Ultimately, this is a great option for big hitters who want spin, control and durability.
  • Gauge: 1.25mm
  • Length: 12m
  • Composition Co-polyester
  • Colours: Red

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