Luxilon BB ALU Power Spin 1.27 String Reel 220m

Price: 228,90 €
In Stock: 2+
This updated version of the top string of the pro tour is available in a more economical 726-foot reel. The Luxilon ALU Power Spin features all the benefits of the Big Banger ALU Power string but with a pentagonal shape for enhanced spin. The co-polyester monofilament construction allows players with fast swing speeds to take large cuts at the ball without sacrificing control. An ideal choice to be used as a hybrid with softer, more powerful strings.
  • Gauge: 16 / 1.27mm
  • Length: 726 feet / 220m
  • Composition: Pentagon shape. Co-polymer (nylon) + Fluocarbon resin + aluminum fibers
  • Excellent durability for its gauge
  • Power oriented
  • Good energy return

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