Volkl Cyclone Tour 1.20/18 String Reel

Price: 139,00 €
Volkl Cyclone Tour 1.20/18 String Reel Anthracite
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  • Color: Black
Volkl Cyclone Tour 1.20/18 String Reel Red
In Stock: 2
  • Color: Red

Volkl Cyclone Tour, a comparatively springy co-poly designed for big hitters, has a softer response than the original Cyclone. This tour version of Cyclone has the same spin-friendly gear shape, but is twisted for increased ball bite. Best suited to advanced players who want a very playable co-poly with a little extra comfort and power. This 18g version has more spin than the 16g and 17g version.

  • Gauge: 18 1.20mm
  • Length: 660 feet (200m)
  • Construction: Co-polymer polyester monofilament
  • Color: Anthracite, Red

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