Tecnifibre Pro Red Code Wax 1.20 (18) String

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With Pro Red Code Wax Tecnifibre adds some extra spin and durability to one of their classic co-polys. This string is constructed with a wax application to facilitate the snapback required for bigger/easier spin. The wax coating also reduces frictional wear to extend the life of the string. Like the original Pro Red Code, this version is designed for big hitters who like to attack the ball with long, fast strokes. Also like the original, Pro Red Code Wax is made with Tecnifibre’s unique Thermocore process (which involves pre stretching the string under heat to increase flexibility and vibration dampening). Players looking for firm string that turns big swings into spin loaded missiles that drop hard should give this string a serious look.

Try this version for slightly more spin and feel but less durability than the 16 and 17g versions.

  • Gauge: 18g/1.20mm
  • Length: 40ft /12.2m
  • Composition: Co-polyester w/Thermocore Technology & Wax application
  • Colors: Red

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