Tecnifibre Black Code 4S 1.20 (18) String Reel

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Black is Back! With Black Code 4S, Tecnifibre gives big hitters a durable co-poly with MASSIVE spin potential, impressive tension maintenance and great feel (especially for a firm monofilament). Boasting a square profile and sharp edges, this string puts a very tight grip on the ball. Topspin players will be able to hit high-arching, spin-loaded balls that come down on sharply and explode off the court. For this string Tecnifibre uses Thermocore Technology, a multi-stage heating technique designed to soften the structure and reduce harsh impact vibrations. This helps explain why our playtesters were so impressed with the comfort level. Players looking for a durable co-poly with phenomenal control and spin-potential should definitely give this one a serious look.

Try this thin 1.20mm version for more spin and feel (but slightly less durability) than the other versions.

  • Gauge: 1.20mm
  • Length: 200m
  • Composition: Co-polyester with Thermocore Technology for improved comfort and energy return.
  • Colours: Black

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