Prince Tour XR 15L/1.35 String

Price: 5,90 €
In Stock: 5+

This durable and very affordable co-poly offers an impressive combination of control, spin and feel. Perfect for string breakers, Tour XR is also ideal for big hitters looking to keep more balls in play. With its extremely predictable and low powered response, this co-poly permits the player to take huge cuts at the ball without overhitting. This fact also helps in the spin department, where this string is well suited to the explosive upward cuts required for heavy spin. Although this string is likely too firm for beginners, our playtesters reported above average comfort for a durable control string. Big hitters on a budget should love this one. Try this 15L version for more durability than the 16g and 17g versions. Also makes a great option for super open string patterns.

  • Gauge: 15Lg/1.35mm
  • Length: 40ft /12.2m
  • Composition: Co-polyester
  • Colours: Silver

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