Prince Tour XP 15L/1.35 String

Price: 14,90 €
Prince Tour XP 15L/1.35 String Black
In Stock: 5+
  • Color: Black
Prince Tour XP 15L/1.35 String Green
In Stock: 25.01
  • Color: Green
Prince Tour XP 15L/1.35 String Red
In Stock: 5
  • Color: Red

Prince replaces the very popular Beast XP with Tour XP but keeps the same winning formula. This is the world's first thermo-poly string, offering the phenomenal control and spin of a polyester, but with very effective additives to deliver a slightly livelier and more comfortable response than a typical monofilament control string. Prince has designed Tour XP to offer improved tension maintenance which is always welcomed with poly- based strings. Our TW playtesters found this one to offer incredible control on full swings, with heavy spin-loaded balls that exploded off the court!

  • Gauge: 15L/1.35mm
  • Length: 40 feet / 12.2m
  • Composition: Monofilament co-polyester with a thermo construction for improved tension maintenance
  • Colors: Green, Red, Black

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