ISOSPEED Professional + Control Classic Hybrid String

Price: 11,90 €
In Stock: 5+
Introducing one of the most comfortable hybrids ever made. This hybrid combines Isospeed Control Classic 1.30 with Isospeed Professional 1.20. Both strings are made with Isospeed's signature Ribbon Technology which mimics the construction of natural gut. The result is a hybrid with an almost unbelievable level of comfort and huge power. As a result, this is a great string for reducing the shock of any racket and minimizing the vibration that reaches the arm. Players who want more control should put the thicker string (Control Classic 1.30) in the mains. Players looking for a little more power should put the Professional 1.20 in the mains. Isospeed pre-stretches theses strings for better tension maintenance and longer lasting playability. Any player looking for gut like comfort and power is encouraged to give this hybrid a try.
  • Gauge: 16/1.30mm & 17/1.20mm
  • Length: 20ft/6.2m & 20ft/6.2m
  • Composition: Ribbon Technology using Polyolefin. Pre-stretched for exceptional tension maintenance. Extremely comfortable and arm-friendly.
  • Colours: Natural & Black

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