Head IntelliTour 17 String Reel

Price: 143,90 €
In Stock: 25.01
Head IntelliTour 17 is a hybrid that combines two different versions of HEAD's Ribbon Improved Performance (RIP) strings: RIP Tour mains, with a thin center core and a slightly textured surface, and RIP Feel crosses, with coreless ribbon construction. The result is a string that provides excellent comfort and feel, making it perfect for players who need an arm-friendly string. Our playtesters reported above average control for a soft string. This reel is perfect for the player who wants an exceptionally arm-friendly setup without sacrificing control.
  • Gauge: 1.25mm (Mains) /1.25mm (Crosses)
  • Length:Mains-108m / Crosses-92m
  • Colours: Yellow/Natural.

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