Gamma Ocho XP 1.32 (16) String

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Gamma's Live Wire XP strings have long been known for their big comfort and easy power. With Ocho XP 16, Gamma moves the needle by adding a little spin to the equation. Boasting 8 grippy edges, this groundbreaking multifilament puts a extra grip on the ball, making it easier for the player to generate ball rotation. Doubles players looking for great feel around the net should like this one. Although seasoned polyester users will likely find Ocho too powerful for their explosive topspin mechanics, this string makes a very nice hybrid cross. All in all, this is a great option for any player who values comfort and power.
  • Gauge: 16g/1.32mm
  • Length: 40ft /12.2m
  • Composition: Multifilament with Live Wire Technology
  • Colours: Nautral

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