Gamma Ocho TNT 1.25 (17) String

Price: 13,90 €
In Stock: 3+
Introducing Ocho TNT 17 - an arm-friendly spin machine packed with comfort and power. This is the first solid core string to feature an octogonal shape, a fact that bodes well for anyone who wants a little extra spin without having to switch to a stiff polyester. This string also features Gamma's time-tested TNT Technology - a Thermo Nuclear Technology designed to help the strings return energy to the ball. Fans of the original TNT and TNT2 series of strings should love this one. With its crisp feel, controllable power and above average durability (for a non-polyester), this string should work well for a wide range of players. Did we mention the extra spin potential and high comfort level?
  • Gauge: 17g/1.25mm
  • Length: 40ft /12.2m
  • Composition: Solid Core w/TNT Technology
  • Colours: Natural

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