Gamma Glide Solace Hybrid 16 (1.32) String

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Gamma's Glide Hybrid w/Solace offers an impressive level of comfort and power. It also offers phenomenal spin potential for a non-polyester hybrid. The Glide cross strings provide a low friction surface that allows the main strings to snapback with greater force. The result is greater ball rotation. This is a great option for the player who wants comfort, power and easy access to spin.
  • Gauge Mains: 16/1.32mm
  • Gauge Crosses: 16/1.30mm
  • Length Mains: 22ft / 6.7m
  • Length Crosses: 20ft / 6.1m
  • Composition Mains: Dual Core Surrounded by filaments.
  • Composition Crosses: Fluorinated Polymer
  • Colour Mains: Natural
  • Colour Crosses: Crystal

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