Double AR Twice Viper 20 (1.20) 200m String Reel

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AR Twice Viper is a co-polyester with impressive pocketing for a control string. Though the feel is firm, this string is made with special additives to boost comfort, touch and power. It also benefits from an Anti Wave manufacturing process that is designed to reduce the harsher vibrations common with poly-based strings. We think this string’s impressive control will give players with long, fast strokes the confidence to attack the ball. It features a very unique bi-color cosmetic (green and grey), making it one of the sleekest co-polys available. Our playtesters found remarkable precision from the baseline, along with a surprising amount of touch on volleys. This is a very well built co-poly with impressive all around playability.

  • Gauge: 1.20 mm
  • Length: 200m
  • Composition Co-polyester w/ olefins
  • Colours: Two Tone Cosmetic: Green/Grey

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