Solinco Tour Bite 19 (1.10) String Reel

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Solinco Tour Bite is a firm co-polyester that delivers an almost unbelievable combination of spin and precision to players with long, fast strokes. This explains its growing popularity at the collegiate level where control at high head speeds is a must. Our testers noticed immediately how well the square profile gripped the ball. The low power level allows big hitters to load up on head speed and attack the ball at an extreme angle. In the right hands this string produces a very heavy ball. Did we mention spin?

  • Gauge: 19 / 1.10mm
  • Length: 200m
  • Construction: Co-polymer monofilament
  • Colour: Silver

At 1.10mm, this is one of the thinnest strings we offer. It will have slightly less durability than the the other gauges of Tour Bite, but the spin-potential is out of this world.

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