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ProKennex Ki Rackets

ProKennex Q Tour (325g) Racket
Exceptional control, feel and stability make this a great option for advanced players. The ProKennex Ki Q Tour (325g) offers a great blend of plow through and maneuverability for the all court player. Headsize: 98 sq inches. Pattern: 18x20. Strung weight: 12.2 ounces

Price for 2: 134,90 each
ProKennex Q Tour 16X19 (295g) Racket
Offering easy access to spin and power, the very maneuverable QTour 295 swings fast and delivers a comfortable response. Impressive stability for its weight. Headsize: 632 String Pattern: 16x19. Strung weight: 310g.
ProKennex Q Tour 18X20 (295g) Racket
Fast, mobile and spin-friendly, the ProKennex Ki Q Tour (295g) also impresses with surprising stability and a high level of comfort, Head size: 98 sq in. Weight, unstrung: 295g. Standard length: 68,58cm
ProKennex Ki Q5 (315g) Rackets
Solid and comfortable, this versatile all court frame is packed with control. The Kinetic technology adds a plush feel. Great option for intermediate players looking for all-around performance. String pattern: 16x20. Headsize: 645 sq cm. Strung weight: 337g.
ProKennex Ki Q5 (295g) Rackets
Offering a nice balance between control and power, the Q5 295g is a maneuverable all-court racquet with impressive comfort. A great choice for intermediate singles and doubles players. String pattern: 16x20. Headsize: 100 sq inches. Strung weight: 11oz.
ProKennex Ki Q5 (280g) Racket
Fast, spin-friendly and very comfortable, this racket has impressive precision. Headsize: 645 sq. cm. Standard Length
New ProKennex Ki 28 (252g) Racket
Light and powerful. This very comfortable racquet is a great choice for beginners and intermediates who want a very impressive oversize racquet.

Price for 2: 159,20 each
New ProKennex Ki 15 (300g) Racket
This comfortable 'tweener racquet gets an updated cosmetic but keeps that same stable feel with a good dose of pop. Headsize: 105 sq in. Length: 27.5". Weight, unstrung: 300g.
New ProKennex Ki 15 (280g) Racket
This extended length racquet is packed with comfort, power and spin potential. Headsize: 677 Length: 69.8cm. Strung Weight: 304g
ProKennex Ki 5 (315g) Racket
Exceptional power, spin and plow-though. Great from all areas of the court! Headsize: 100 sq.inches. Pattern: 16x20. Strung weight: 11.8 ounces.

Price for 2: 139,96 each
New ProKennex Ki 5 (295g) Racket
Sporting a new cosmetic, this racket is a more maneuverable and lighter version of the ProKennex Kinetic Ki 5. The open string pattern allows for easy access to spin. Head size: 100 sq in. Weight, unstrung: 295g. Standard length: 68,58cm
New ProKennex Ki 5 (280g) Racket
With a new cosmetic, this frame offers plenty of versatility. The Ki 5 provides a nice mesh of power and control. The forgiveness and light weight maneuverability are great for a variety of player. Headsize: 100 square inches. Length: 27"
New ProKennex Ki 5 (250g) Racket
The lightest member of the Ki 5 family, this one is great for players in need of a light racquet with exceptional control and easy access to spin.
ProKennex Ki Q15 (300g) Rackets
Powerful, maneuverable, comfortable and offering impressive control, the ProKennex Kinetic Ki Q15 (300g) fits a variety of playing styles from stronger beginners through advanced level players. Headsize: 105sq. in. Standard length. String Pattern: 16x19

Price for 2: 159,90 each
ProKennex Ki Q15 (280g) Rackets
Offering plenty of versatility, the Q15 provides a nice mesh of power and control. The forgiveness and light weight maneuverability are great for a variety of player. Headsize: 105 square inches. Length: 27.5"
New ProKennex Q 15 (260g) Racket
A light weight allows this frame to whip quickly through the air for spin and maneuverability. A versatile frame, the Q15 provides a nice mesh of control and power. The forgiveness and light weight maneuverability are great for a variety of player. Headsize: 105 sq in/677 cm2. Length: 27.5", 69,85cm

Price for 2: 164,01 each
ProKennex Ki 15 (260g) Racket
A solid choice for the all court player or the doubles specialist looking for maneuverability and power. The extended length helps with swing speed and reach. Headsize: 677 Pattern: 16x19. Length: 69.9cm.
New ProKennex Q 30 Racket
Great for the beginner looking for ease of power and forgiveness, the Q30 also provides an arm friendly response. Headsize: 768 sq cm. Length: 69.9cm. String Pattern: 16/19.
ProKennex Performance Rackets

ProKennex Tour Black Ace 98 295 Racket
A very maneuverable, control-oriented racquet, this one offers excellent access to spin and lots of feel. A great option for a wide range of players seeking a player's racquet feel without the weight. Weight (unstrung): 295g. Standard length. Headsize: 98sq. in.
Sale ProKennex Tour Black Ace 98 325 Racket
The latest Black Ace 98 offers player's specs in a forgiving headsize. Great for the aggressive player seeking performance.

Price for 2: 127,20 each

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