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New PowerAngle ACE of Diamonds Rackets
Precision! Spin! Pop! Comfort!! The Ace of Diamond features a unique diagonal string pattern to minimize shock. A great option for those who want a more comfortable player's racket. Diagonal String Pattern: 16x16. Standard Length.
New PowerAngle CENTRIC Rackets
Updated with a new cosmetic, the Centric offers a solid blend of stability, power, comfort and maneuverability. Headsize: 658cm². Length: 69,6cm. Diagonal String pattern: 18x18.
New PowerAngle GRAND Rackets
The Grand gets updated with a new cosmetic featuring red diamonds sprinkled around the outside of the head. This spin-friendly and very comfortable racket is diagonally- strung and ideally suited to beginner through intermediate level players. Extended Length: 69,6cm. Strung Weight: 263.5g. Diagonal String Pattern: 19x19
New PowerAngle PRO Rackets
The PowerAngle Pro gets a sleek new cosmetic! This one has an exceptional blend of control, feel, spin and maneuverability. Features diagonal-strung pattern for optimal comfort. A great choice for intermediate and advanced level players. Standard length. Headsize: 630cm². String pattern: 16x16 diagonals. Standard Length.

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