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Donnay Pro One 97 18x20 Racket
A control-oriented player's racquet that offers a very precise feel. An excellent option for the 4.0+ all court player seeking control, feel and comfort. Standard length. Strung weight: 329oz. Swingweight: 322 (RDC).

Price for 2: 179,00 each
Donnay X-Dual Core Platinum 94 Racket
Stability, control and impressive power combine in this racquet for advanced level players. Excellent plow through makes this a great choice for attacking from any area of the court. Standard length, 18x20 string pattern, 12.1oz strung weight.

Price for 2: 179,00 each
Donnay X-Dual Core Gold 94 Racket
Offering the rare combination of maneuverability, stability and a crisp feel, this is an extremely versatile racquet for advanced level players. Strung weight: 11.5oz. String pattern: 16x19. Standard length.

Price for 2: 179,00 each
Donnay Formula 100 Racket
A versatile racquet offering easy access to pace and spin. Modern aggressive hitters will be just as pleased as those with classic strokes here thanks to the excellent comfort and easy maneuverability. Headsize: 100sq. in. Standard length.

Price for 2: 179,00 each
Donnay X-P Dual Black 102 Racket
Power, spin, comfort and feel shine from all areas of the court with this racquet. This is a great option for intermediate through advanced level players seeking a forgiving and comfortable response. Strung weight: 10.9oz. Standard length. String pattern: 16x19.

Price for 2: 179,00 each
New Donnay X-P Dual Lite Black 102 Racket
Great access to spin, superb maneuverability and impressive comfort makes this one a solid choice for a variety of playing styles at the intermediate through advanced levels. Standard length. Strung weight: 10.4oz. Stiffness: 57 RA. String pattern: 16x19.

Price for 2: 178,00 each

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