Prince Textreme Tour 100P

Prince Textreme Tour 100P Racket
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  • Blend of power, control
  • Feel


  • Nothing we could agree on


Prince has added another racket to its Textreme Tour line that will give players the perfect combination of power and control. The Tour 100P boasts Textreme material in the shaft and in the lower hoop for increased stability without adding stiffness. Out on the court, the TW playtesters were most surprised by the amount of power they received from a racket with an 18x20 string pattern, especially hitting groundstrokes from the baseline. All the playtesters agreed that the best attribute of this racket was the solid, responsive feel, which was apparent whether they were returning a serve to start the point or at net ending the point with a short, angled volley. Serving was also a breeze, where our playtesters found plenty of access to power for a flat first serve but also enough enough spin potential to feel confident hitting second serves consistently and accurately. Overall, this racket has an ideal combination feel, maneuverability and stability that's perfect for intermediate to advanced level players looking for comfort and performance in a modern player's racket.

Groundstrokes – Score 87

From the baseline, the Prince Textreme Tour 100P offered the TW playtesters a surprising amount of power and comfort. Jason was impressed with the power that this racket offered. He exclaimed, “For a racket that has a tight string pattern and weighs around 11.5 ounces, this Tour 100P sure does have some pop to it. I really enjoyed it on my groundstrokes because it did just about everything well. It had more power and more spin than I thought it would have. A negative for me was the smallish sweetspot. There is a noticeable drop in power when I did catch a ball near the frame. But other than that, it was very solid from both wings.”

Volleys – Score 79

When coming up to net, the playtesters found exceptional feel from the Prince Textreme Tour 100P. Karly preferred the racket more at net because she didn't have any issues with the weight or power. She said, “At net this racket still offered that same solid response, good mobility and even power and control. I could move the racket quickly from side to side and hit in the direction I wanted with a lot of pace behind each shot. I especially liked the stability and comfort on contact. It was an easy-to-use racket with great feel at net. I have no complaints when it came to volleying with the Tour 100P.”

Serve – Score 84

When it came to serving with the Prince Textreme Tour 100P, the TW playtesters were unanimous in their reviews. All four playtesters found plenty of power to start the point off aggressively. For. Brittany, it was her No. 1 shot to hit. She said, “It easily is one of my favorite rackets to serve with. Everything just clicked. I was able to create plenty of racket head speed for easy access to power and spin. I had no trouble placing my serve anywhere in the box and could hit a variety of serves to keep my opponents guessing. I was winning a lot of free points on my serve that I don't typically get. On my second serve, I had to make sure I was really going up and after the ball because when I was tentative my serves were dumping in the bottom of the net.”

Returns – Score 84

Our playtesters were also extremely happy to choose to receive with the responsive and solid feel of the Prince Textreme Tour 100P. Tiffani raved, “Once again I have only positives to report, and I really enjoyed the controlled power I got on returns. This racket offers plenty of stability for my game, and it also manages to come around very quickly. The stringbed played evenly, so even when I struck returns outside the sweetspot, I felt in control of the ball's direction and also didn't feel any jarring sensations.”

Overall - Score: 85


Brittany- “I liked the feel and combination of power and control. It was one of my favorite rackets to serve with.”

Jason- “Nearly everything. The responsive feel, control, power and surprising amount of spin from an 18x20 string pattern.”

Tiffani- “I like the controllable power, feel and comfort.”

Karly- “The solid feel and comfortable response, along with the good combination of power and control.”


Brittany- “Really nothing. Maybe if I had to pick one thing it was just the fact that I had to make some adjustments to my forehand and volleys.”

Jason- “Slightly small sweetspot with a noticeable drop in power outside of it.”

Tiffani- “None!”

Karly- “I would've liked even more control, but that's just a personal preference.”

Comparing it to other racquets they've used, our testers said:

Brittany- “There are definitely similarities between this and my racket of choice, the Yonex EZONE Ai 100. They have a similar combination of power and control with the Tour 100P having a little bit more power. Other rackets that played similarly were the Head Graphene XT Extreme MP and Prince Warrior Pro 100.”

Jason- “I really enjoyed the Textreme Tour 95 but thought it was just a bit out of my wheelhouse in terms of ease of use. This is the answer I was looking for. Easier to swing, more power, yet the same great control and feel.”

Tiffani- “I've really liked all the Textreme rackets so far, but this one is my favorite. The Textreme Tour 100T is similar, but it's lighter so not quite as stable and plays faster. The Textreme Tour 95 is also similar, offering more control.”

Karly- “The Prince Textreme Tour 95 is my current racket of choice and compared to the Tour 100P, both are maneuverable rackets that have a very similar feel on contact and provide a crisp, stable and comfortable response. However, the biggest differences I noticed were the plow through and the amount of power and control each racket offered. The Tour 100P had an even combination of control and power, whereas the Tour 95 offered more control and less power. Although, I thought the Tour 95 has better plow through, making it easier to drive through the ball to generate my own power. With the Tour 100P, the power came by more naturally and with less effort.”

Playtester Profiles

Brittany: Open level player with a semi-western forehand and a two-handed backhand. She currently plays with the Yonex EZONE Ai 100.

Jason: 4.0 baseliner with a semi-western forehand and two-handed backhand. Currently using a Yonex EZONE Ai 100.

Tiffani: 4.0 level baseliner with a semi-western grip on the forehand and hits a two-handed backhand. Currently playing with the Babolat Pure Drive.

Karly: 4.0 baseline player currently playing with the Prince Textreme Tour 95. She hits with a semi-western forehand grip and uses a two handed backhand.